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Pura Vista's meditation retreats is simply one of the best I ever went to.
The location, the food and the staff was perfect. I definitly recommend this place and will come back again.

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What's included?

Pura Vista meditation retreat

Daily Meditation

Connect to your environment to 2nd nature through meditation. Learn to be mindfull about your body and your health. Think about the present moment.

Pura Vista special diet

Dietetic breakfast

Homemade breakfast tailored for healing and stress-relief. All ingredients are from local providers. Detox juices, frutarian, gluten free and vegan food.

Yoga program

Daily Yoga sessions

Daily Yoga classes are offered for all guests at the Hotel or at the Beach. Empower your body with special Yoga exercices teached by our practicioner.

Playa Ocotal Pura Vista

Perfect Location

Playa Ocotal is a quiet black sand beach known for it's rich concentration of negatif ions and high diversity of animals. Perfect place to retreat & forget about home.

Additional Services

Reiki energy healing

Reiki sessions are excellent for pain-relief, stress-relief, and deep relaxation. The Reiki energy guides an intuitive sequence of gentle hands-on massage specific to the client in the present moment.

Head, neck & ear massage

This half-hour massage focused on the head, neck, and ears is an incredible stress relief. The ears especially hold a key to deep relaxation and healing for many issues because of their unique design.

Pre-natal Yoga sessions

These lighthearted and carefree sessions focus on parent well-being, the pre-natal mother, and infant socialization. There is no rushing into class or worrying if you are a few minutes lateā€“no stress allowed!

Dietetic & Personal developement

Diet is considered a permanent cure. Foods have an action on the body and act on the disease according to the five elements. Well-chosen food contributes to the preservation and improvement of health.

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